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Th!nk Kosmopolito!

Nov 29th: Th!nk about it! – The European Blogging Competition 2009


Now online: The official Kosmopolit Universe

Finally, I own a whole universe (at least virtually)!


Check it out! I haven’t really decided what to do with it, so maybe it is a good idea to check the ‘universe’ in a few days again! I already have some ideas, so stay tuned! Originally I wanted to post my blogroll in one of the tabs but somehow it was not working…

At the moment you find everything you need to know about Kosmopolit (blogposts, comments, links, videos,…) as well as a small selection of Euroblogs.

Update 25/01/08: My universe is experiencing some turbulences, somehow it must have disappeared in a wormhole… hope it is coming back soon!

Update 26/01/08: The “forbidden universe” is still there…. hope the netvibes team is able to solve it soon…

Update 27/01/08: Still not working…. 😦

Update 28/01/08: It is up and running!!! Thank you, netvibes!

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