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New posts….

on the new domain of this blog:

Nov 14th: Quotes of the week

Nov.14th: Waiting for Godot in Slovenian politics


The Relaunch: is the new kosmopolit!

Finally I have done it. This blog is moving to its own domain. The new name, Kosmopolito instead of Kosmopolit, also shows the new concept of the blog:

There will more authors (details will be posted soon!) which also means hopefully more interesting posts! Moreover, the name change reflects the European perspective of the blog as “Kosmopolito” is the Esperanto version of Kosmopolit or cosmopolitan. It seems as if the export/import process worked rather well, and all posts have been tranferred to the new domain (only embedded videos did not really work). However, I will not update the blog anymore, so please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, blogrolls … and enjoy the new page with the new design and a whole bunch of new features!

If you find any problem/bug with the new page, please do let me know! Thanks!

The traditional Summer break…

… of this blog is now officially over (I hope). Actually a lot of things happened during the “silly season” which is normally August: A war in Georgia. Olympics in China. Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Palin in the US. In Germany Merkel vs. Steinmeier/Müntefering (ok…that was in September). Noteworthy is also the collapsed ceiling in Strasbourg…

Obviously, this is a more than incomplete list, but for me a good task to get into blogging mood again after a long summer break… So what can you expect in the coming months? This blog will hopefully get a new design and a new domain, a new exciting blogging portal will be launched and I will start a new job.

Oh yes, and a few interesting posts maybe. So stay tuned!

Friday the 13th

The new Eiffel Tower!?

I was quite surprised when I came across the plans to build an extension on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The aim is obvious: To enlarge the capacity for the visitor platform at the top level! There are some more pictures on the website of the architects. It is not quite clear whether this is the final and approved design of the extension. But if you know more about this project feel free to leave a comment! I was also not aware of any public discussion about this rather significant change of one of the most known European landmarks! Has there been any public discourse on this issue in France?

I must admit I don’t like the new extension. It somewhat changes and thus destroys the whole structure and architectural concept of the original tower design. What is your opinion?

Update: The architects posted a clarification on their website:  “Our project for a the temporary extension of the Eiffel tower is an unsolicited proposal to the Eiffel Tower management company. We are confirming that the SETE did not organized a competition on this topic, in contrary with what was announced in the press.” (read more here)

eiffel tower


Sarkozy and the shiny Romanian pen

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I have to get ready

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