Th!nk Kosmopolito!

Nov 29th: Th!nk about it! – The European Blogging Competition 2009



3 responses to “Th!nk Kosmopolito!

  1. A commendable initiative to help EU citizens understand the (potential) importance of the European Union!

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  3. Over the decades, the European Union (EU) has developed progressively from a goal-oriented economical community into a political union. Although Brussels increasingly makes decisions concerning more and more areas of life, European democracy functions “top-down”. The EU offers its citizens hardly any possibilities to directly influence political decisions.

    “We Change Europe” wants to offer the opportunity of getting involved into the process of political decisions made in the EU. Therefore they created an E-Voting tool and the possibility to promote political aims in form of paneuropean initiatives. In order to foster such citizens’ democracy they organize Europe-wide votes for important union-related decision.

    We-Enlarge: The Europeans are enlarging their Union!
    We-Elect: The Europeans elect their President!