The Relaunch: is the new kosmopolit!

Finally I have done it. This blog is moving to its own domain. The new name, Kosmopolito instead of Kosmopolit, also shows the new concept of the blog:

There will more authors (details will be posted soon!) which also means hopefully more interesting posts! Moreover, the name change reflects the European perspective of the blog as “Kosmopolito” is the Esperanto version of Kosmopolit or cosmopolitan. It seems as if the export/import process worked rather well, and all posts have been tranferred to the new domain (only embedded videos did not really work). However, I will not update the blog anymore, so please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, blogrolls … and enjoy the new page with the new design and a whole bunch of new features!

If you find any problem/bug with the new page, please do let me know! Thanks!


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