Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2008

Nominations are now open for the fourth edition of the annual “Worst EU Lobbying Awards”. All the details about the awards as well as the nomination form can be found here. This year there are two categories: “Worst EU Lobbying” and “Worst Conflict of Interest”:

  1. The main ‘Worst EU Lobbying’ Award: it is to be given to the lobbyist, company or lobby group that in 2008 has employed the most deceptive, misleading, or otherwise problematic lobbying tactics in their attempts to influence EU decision-making.
  2. This year’s event also includes a special ‘Worst Conflict of Interest’ Award for the MEP, Commissioner or Commission official whose background, side-jobs or other liaisons with special interests raise the most serious concerns about their ability to act in public interest. This category has been introduced to highlight the need for the Institutions to act to clean up their own house – the past years have seen many cases of conflicts of interests and not much action by the institutions to prevent them.

Winners of last years awards include German car manufacturers BMW, Daimler and Porsche for the ‘Worst EU Lobbying’ Award and “The German Atomic Forum” was awarded the special prize for ‘Worst EU Greenwash’.

I think this is quite an important initiative that is worth supporting! Go here to nominate your “favourite” lobbyist, company, MEP, Commissioner…  Nominations close 12th September, the internet voting will start on 13th October!

It should be rather easy to find someone for the second category (I am sure a MEP will make it to the final…)! I am still thinking about an appropriate campaign/ company for the first category… if you have good ideas, just post it in the comments!


6 responses to “Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2008

  1. They’ve just held the Public Affairs News awards in the UK – wonder if any firm will be lucky enough to pick up a gong at both..?

  2. Yes. I would be interesting. Even if the way the “worst eu lobby” is elected is not as transparent as it should be…

  3. What do you think is not “as transparent as it should be”? Once the nominations are collected, an internet voting will take place (timetable is on the website). Of course it would be nice if they published all nominations they will receive and not only the shortlist. I think that was the case last year… then again, I can’t think of too many contests that would publish all nominations, rather a lot of examples that just come up with a shortlist without the possibility to nominate! But apart from that it looks like every other “award procedure” one can find online …

  4. @ Andrew

    I just had a look at the various shortlists and winners of the UK awards. Indeed, there are some candidates that could make it to the “Worst lobby awards”, at least judging by their customers. At the same time, companies should not be forgotten…maybe one should nominate them together (company + agency). Do you have anyone in mind that could qualify for the “worst EU lobbying campaign”?

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