Friday the 13th


3 responses to “Friday the 13th

  1. Kosmopolit,

    Instead of doom and gloom, Europe needs to a) show respect to the Irish electorate and perhaps others who may wish to opt out, and b) realise the goal of treaty reform between the willing member states.

    If the political will is there, a phoenix will arise.

    Technically, only a few Articles of the Lisbon Treaty have to be amended (and ratified by the members of the new EU).

  2. Nice picture.

    Unfortunatly it is not just “A 24 hour nightmare of terror” but might have a significant long term impact.

  3. I chose the picture to somehow symbolise the mood of the day…

    I agree, but I have some doubt about the political will…

    thanks. True, the “nightmare of terror” will last more than 24 hours…but hopefully there won’t be 10 sequels … 😉