Stop Blair!

Apparently Tony Blair wants to become President of the European Council! I agree with Nosemonkey that this is quite a bad idea. Tony Blair is probably the most unsuitable candidate for this position (ok, Berlusconi, Kaczynski, Aznar, Chirac or Schröder would be worse).

But Blair and the EU… that is truly no successful relationship: Not only did he promote the war in Iraq he (as a self-declared pro-European!) also failed to sell the European project in the UK which resulted in a list of failures: no Euro, no Schengen, numerous opt-outs (incl. Charter of Fundamental Rights), unimpressive EU presidency… Enough reasons not to become European Council president one could argue.

Now the folks over at the European Tribune put up a “Petition against the nomination of Tony Blair as “President of the European Union”* Go and sign the petition here

The problem is of course more complex and depends also on the candidates for the other EU high level positions (Commission President, High Representative for Foreign Affairs…) and their political affiliations and nationalities. There is a lot of speculation and a lot of name dropping going on (Juncker, Bildt, Ahern, Verhofstadt, even Merkel and Fischer are on some lists). But I think it is still to early for any informed discussion on the topic. And above all the Lisbon treaty has not been ratified yet…so legally the job does not even exist!

* More correctly: President of the European Council (not EU)

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2 responses to “Stop Blair!

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  2. The Economist recently referred to the candidacy of the Belgian prime minister as “comical” while Tony Blair’s would be quite good for the EU standing next to the US. While Blair is a good choice as a figure head, the Belgian prime minister is perhaps superior in negotiating common positions (which is necessary in divided Belgium). I have just posted on what might be behind the British position here.