What has John Cleese ever done for the EU?

Just watch the following videos to find out!

(ok, it was not John Cleese alone and not really the EU…but this is also not supposed to be a serious post)

If you are not sure what that was all about watch these video:

in case you still have no idea what I am talking about, check out this video:

And sorry to everyone who got bored watching theses videos … I know that they are not really new…

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3 responses to “What has John Cleese ever done for the EU?

  1. Well, nice post, BUT: did you recognize that the EU has given less to the people than the Roman Empire and the BBC?! – Well, i did. It’s a shame!

    Big Chuck is watching you!


  2. Don’t ask what Europe can do for you, ask what you can do for your Europe.

    What did anti-European nationalists ever do for us? Well, they did give us two world wars, Hitler, the holocaust, public debth, oh yeah, the high way.

  3. Hi Andreas!
    It is the first time I come on your blog! Well, you’ll have time to update it now… I have to confess that I almost envy the joy of being unemployed, having to cope with the three M (Marta, Mathieu and eMManuelle…) every day! But fortunately holidays are coming…
    Pardon if I have no time to look at your videos… but I have to study now buuuh!
    Ciao and hope to see you!