Kosmolinks #4

Italy and immigration – Disharmony and tension – “The recent hysteria over Romanian immigrants says much about Italy and the fragile state of its politics” says The Economist.

Back to the people at TOL Romania It would all be about Nov 25 in Romanian politics if the “Italian hysteria” had not been dominating the political debate in Romania. Anyway, elections for the European Parliament as well as a much debated referendum will be held on the same day – but apparently in different polling stations.

Belgium crisis: Does the tradition of compromise losing its force in Belgium asks the International Herald Tribune. Is it time to say Bye bye Belgium? (which by the way is a nice article, but the author forgets to mention the fact that the “BHV problem” also goes back to a ruling of the constitutional court…)

Colorado Springs and the Politics of Conformity | TPMCafe The phenomenon of political “group-think” and how it relates to the Internet. Is it the same in the “Euroblogosphere”?

Sarkozy and the EU – His image as a reformer is only an image and that is why Europe should be wary of France’s reformist president.

The surprise of vice-chancellor M√ľntefering’s resignation in Germany: Merkel loses ‘Mr. Grand Coalition’ Is that the beginning of the end of Merkel’s coalition government?

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