Kosmolinks #3

Russia’s past – The rewriting of history | Economist.com Regular readers of this blog might remember my blog post with almost the same title and similar content (I wonder if the Economist journalists read blogs for inspiration? 😉 )

Guardian Abroad: Slow seduction in Belgium After all, living as an xpat in Brussels is apparently not that bad… I am still not at that point though!

Balkan nations put cultural stars on a pedestal What does it mean to erect statues of Rocky Balboa, Bruce Lee and Tarzan?

New scenarios to keep Putin in power: de facto “National Leader” or back in the Kremlin?

Is Russia Becoming Our Enemy Again? A debate about a “new cold war”, also as a mp3 file!

And: good news for Eastern Europe: Big bang enlargement for Schengen zone agreed

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One response to “Kosmolinks #3

  1. Is this the new way of kosmoblogging? Why do you only post links? Where is the sophisticated longcopy writing kosmopolit?

    Chuck wants more “meat”.