The European Dream

Thanks to analyzingEU (somehow the post disappeared in the meantime…) I found this speech by Jeremy Rifkin, the founder of the Foundation of Economic Trends. If you know the stuff by Jeremy Rifkin you know what you get, if you don’t just give it a try! He is a quite influential advisor, a best-selling author and he is certainly a good speaker. However, he is also known to have started many controversial debates. Times magazine once called him “the most hated man in science”. This lecture (wasn’t it the same he delivered at the European Youth Summit in Rome?) is based on Rifkin’s book ‘The European Dream‘ which was published a few years ago.

Unfortunately the quality of the video could be a bit better given that the European Journalism Centre was involved in the production…(But I accept this excuse 😉 )

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One response to “The European Dream

  1. florianwagner

    The European Dream eclipsing the American Dream? – Never, because Chuck Norris is the only one who can “eclipsing” the American Dream. So dream on, poor little EU sissy.