The logo of the Portuguese presidency

Here we go again: Every six months it is time to rant about the logo of the new EU presidency. This time it is Portugal’s turn and the following official statement gives a high-flying explanation of the logo.

The “Blue flower” is a symbol of today’s Portugal: modernity, harmony, the oceans, transparency and openness to the future.The petals are arranged freely but concentrically, symbolising the individual contribution of each Member State to the joint endeavour of building Europe. The possibility of the symbol adopting the colours of each national flag confers on the Portuguese presidency a constructive image of openness and cooperation with every Member State of the European Union.

OK, sounds good…but does it look good? Judge for yourself:


Somehow I cannot stop thinking that this logo represents a multi-speed Europe (which might be the result of the pre-summit discussions…). The concentrically arranged petals could symbolise the different degrees of involvement in the EU: ‘core Europe’, ‘avantgarde’ call it how you like it. But (unfortunately) reality shows in this direction: The Schengen agreement, the Euro and the Prüm treaty can easily serve as examples. In the end, EU membership means something else for every member state…. Let’s hope that this is not a bad omen for the next six months and for the new ‘reform treaty’ to be negotiated later this week.

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3 responses to “The logo of the Portuguese presidency

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  2. IMO there is nothing bad with a multi-speed Europe; the same certainly cannot be sad about the logo though!

  3. I love the logo! It is simply beautiful. What’s wrong with it?