Generation Web 0.0

Slightly off-topic and unfortunately only in German. Here is a very interesting article on the attitudes of the German elite regarding Internet, new technologies and web 2.0. One example is the German Minster for Economics and Technology (!) Michael Glos who is not too keen about the fuzz on lifelong learning:

Using a mobile phone is already complicated. Thank god I have staff that use the Internet for me.

(He actually made this statement during his visit at the CeBIT, the biggest computer expo in the world…)

Conclusion: The digital divide is not only a problem in the Global south, lifelong learning is unknown to its promoters and we found an explanation for all these controversial policies regarding intellectual property and other Internet related issues.

I am also wondering if similar attitudes exist in the EU institutions….?


One response to “Generation Web 0.0

  1. I know of one MEP who can’t use a PC at all and has to dictate everything into a tape recorder. I also know of UK MPs in Westminster that are incapable of doing anything with a computer…

    I suspect it’s a generation + hierarchy issue – today’s top level politicians stopped effectively doing everyday things for themselves when they embarked on their careers 20 years ago. Hence the technological revolution has passed them by.

    Thank goodness for Margot Wallström and her blog!