Who is afraid of immigrants?

Everything you ever wanted to know about minorities, xenophobia and racism:”Who’s afraid of the Pirese?” via eurotopics:

According to recent surveys, an increasing number of Hungarians oppose the immigration of Pirese to their country. Never heard of them? The Pirese were invented by a research institute to compare the attitude of Hungarians towards existent minorities – Roma, Germans, Slovaks, Serbs – with their feelings towards a fictitious group. Gusztav Megyesi comments with sarcasm: “Surprisingly, the Pirese are most hated by the left and the prosperous inhabitants of western Hungary. They hate the Pirese mainly because they’ve never met one. Personal contact would perhaps help to reduce prejudices… Why hasn’t a politician come up with the idea of making his career by saving our country from the Pirese? ‘I have had all Pirese deported. I am the Hungarian people’s best hope. I want to rule,’ he could proclaim. And his political opponents wouldn’t be able to produce a single Pirese to refute these claims.”

I would really like to get hold of this survey!!! If anyone knows more about this please leave a comment or email me!


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  1. misterlister

    I was skeptical about this.
    But the BBC have it on their European diary.

    It’s widely believed the Pirese mix their beer with blood, have the evil eye and are hideously ugly. And of course they don’t exist.

    […] As the president of the Pirese Peoples Party I resent the allegation that the Pirese people don’t really exist. I would also like to point out that blood & beer are full of essential nutrients which are essential for good skin and clear, evil, vision.
    Proudly Pirese Person., Hungary

    But the Pirese do exist: Pirese in the US 1880


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  3. I don’t get it what this Pirese is. And I am a Hungarian.

  4. @misterlister: somehow your comment got stuck in the spam filter and I only discovered it today! sorry about this..but thanks for the links! especially the second one 😉

    @blogvivi: well, unfortunately I do not know much more about the issue but it seems that ‘Pirese’ were only invented by a research institute to compare attitudes towards immigrants. Basically they used it as a methodological tool for their survey…maybe there is some more information in this article Unfortunately I do not speak Hungarian so if you find something interesting there, please let us know!!

  5. Ha. I get it now. That’s really stupid. Now what I can say is that Hungarians don’t hate immigrants, as long as they are not Romanians or gypsies.

    There is a small antisemitic, Nazi movement there, but they are really small, or only the noise they do makes them look big.

    And the only real hate towards minorities that I observed is against the gypsies. Even those who would say “no I am not racist” they wouldn’t necessarily associate with gypsies.

    But from the other hand huge percent of prostitution, and criminality is committed by them, so even those who do say that they are not racists (like me) sometimes find it difficult to like them.

    Now don’t take it wrong I have gypsies friend. But it’s just sometimes difficult to differentiate between one gypsy and a group of gypsies.

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