Europe@50: back to the future

The EU is preparing to celebrate its 50th birthday which also means a lot of research papers… One of the first pamphlets comes from the rather good European Policy Centre, a Brussels think tank. CHALLENGE EUROPE Europe@50: back to the future tries to answer questions such as ‘Was the European Convention’s work in vain?’ ‘Would today’s leaders still sign the Treaty of Rome?’ ‘EU referenda: selective veto or inclusive consultation?’ Should be interesting…


One response to “Europe@50: back to the future

  1. The “European Scream Paper” did not have any echo in Brussels:

    So, individual, engaged and informed participation is not welcome in the EU where partisan politics are just delaying and excluding competitive intelligence.

    Europe is a global problem rooted in post-war transatlantic ties in the energy sector: compare the european contract with America, Gasunie 1963, where pipeline lock-ins were forced upon us.
    European leadership involves teaching the U.S. a lesson… soon.
    Stephan Tychon, duality council, WSC