November Music

People keep asking me about good music. Of course, I cannot expect that everybody likes  my music but nevertheless I want to share my current playlist with the world. It is a weird mixture of rather popular indie, jazz and britpop tunes that are in a way ‘novemberish’.  I also linked it with the relevant site on myspace or youtube so you can listen/watch to the stuff right away! Unfortunately, I did not always find the actual song I was looking for. But I am sure you will find the songs and the artists somewhere on the internet…


the mix tape:

Hot Chip “Over and Over
Richard Ashcroft “Why not nothing
Muse ” Supermassive Blackhole
The Vegastones “Drag Queen Eyes”
The Good, The Bad And The Queen “Herculean
Kasabian “Cut off
Flaming Lips “Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Tom McRae “You cut her hair”
The Doves “There goes the fear
Elbow “Any Day Now”
Interpol “Slow Hands
James “Getting away with it
Beulah “Burned By The Sun”
Little Wings “Sand Canyon”
The High Llamas “Showstop Hiphop”


Jarvis Cocker “Jarvis
Midlake “The Videos of Van Occupanther
Kasabian “Empire”
The Go-Betweens “Live in London”
Spiritualized “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space”
Erlend Oye “Unrest”
Grandaddy “Just like the Fambly Cat”
Ian Brown “Solarized”
Simian “We are your friends”
Joo Kraus “Public Jazz Lounge”
E.S.T “Strange Place For Snow”
Engineers “Engineers”

If you think I forgot to include something important, please post a comment! 😉


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