SAVE THE DATE: 24-hour online demo against internet censorship on 7 November!

Join “Reporters without borders” in a 24-hour online demo against internet censorship on 7 November 2006. For details how to participate check out this article.According to ‘rsf‘ 61 people in 13 countries are currently in prison for posting “subversive” content on a blog or website.

I also look forward to the slogan of the campaign that was developed by . They even managed to get Margaret Thatcher and Boris Yeltsin in office, so they must know their business.

This also goes along with an amnesty international (by the way: another client of Saatchi & Saatchi…) campaign on Fighting for human rights in cyberspace. According to ‘ai’ we are dealing with a new form of human rights violation:

The internet is the new frontline in the fight for human rights. The initial grace period in which internet-users enjoyed complete freedom, while the authorities caught up with the technology, has ended. Governments are increasingly monitoring web, email and blog use, censoring and prosecuting their citizens for expressing their opinions online.


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